Peanut Flour

Leading in manufacturing, exporting and supplying food grade protein rich Peanut Flour from Gujarat, India.  

Fully equipped with the latest inputs &resources for processing Peanut Flour in compliance with the best applicable standards of food industry.To  preserve phytochemicals in its natural form,  non-chemical or solvent free process line is adopted.

More about Nutri YOG Peanut Flour :

NutriYog, Peanut Flour is appropriately suitable for manufacturing of wide verities of functional and nutritional food such as baked & cooked preparations and confectionery products that satisfies needs of existing and future global market. 

Rheological properties of this peanut flour facilitates better use, either directly or indirectly, in quality enhanced food products.It can be used excellently in many bakery products such as cookies, pastries, muffins, cakes, biscuits, breads, baked snacks etc for enhancement of nutritional quality in general and protein content in particular. It is efficiently suitable ingredient for sweets, snacks and many food dishes as well as FARALIdishes and also in Protein bars, chocolates etc. 

It helps to enhance nutritional profiles of various food items, improve consumers satiety, raise nutritive value, reduce fat, promotes fine tune texture and to succeed in niche markets due to its properties like Gluten-free, Vegan , Cholesterol free, Trans fat free food etc. It is nutritious, delicious and natural component of food world.

Nutri YOG Peanut Flour Specification:

Product Name NutriYOG
Origin  Gujarat, India.
Type  Food Grade
Extraction  Chemical / Solvent Free Process
Ingredients HPS Peanuts
Protein, % 55 to 59
Moisture,% < 4
Fat, % 7 to 9
Aflatoxin < 4ppb
Fineness 40 to 50 mesh
Aroma Delicious Roasted Peanuts
Shelf Life 12  Months
Color Whitish Creamy
Packaging 20Kg vacuum packed in PP Bag