Nutrinity Foundation

Extruded Products

Extruded food products getting popularity because of its wide versatility in terms of shape, size, crispiness, color and ease to prepare various recipe. Ready to use breakfast cereals having integration of various cereals like white or yellow corn, wheat, rice, barley, oats, etc. ca be enriched with protein. PEANUT FLOUR has properties to suit with innovative extruded products having shapes, textures, colors, coatings and fillings. PEANUT FLOUR can very well be fitted with various types of savory snacks including direct expanded cereals, cereal chips, croutons and crackers and crispy flat breads both filled and unfilled. Functional properties may enable PEANUT FLOUR to be a god ingredient in preparation of Textured proteins and novel protein combined products.

Pre-cooked flours which are base for some baby food making soup, dough, mush when re-hydrated with water or milk. It also used in traditional food recipe in many parts of the world. Its bulk density allows it to be used as porous ingredient where drying and other characteristics of food item matters. PEANUT FLOUR allows to modify or create innovative extruded products having various texture, flowability, hydration and taste. We are eager to expand collaboration with manufacturers to make their product with better qualities to expand the range of customers.

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