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Namkeen & Fried Products

Namkeen, savory flavor snack products covers most extensive market in India and other countries. It is all time food having great variability in terms of form, taste, texture, ingredient etc. Oil absorption, water absorption, particle size, cohesive bonding with other ingredients are some of the important parameters need to be considered for good quality namkeen. PEANUT FLOUR is matched very well with these standards. Crispiness and freshness can be improved. Namkeens are rich in oil but corresponding content of protein is over sighted. Use of PEANUT FLOUR not only in proportion but sole use in namkeen is tested and found excellent. High protein flour enriches the protein in namkeen which is demand of future food sector.


Chemical Constituents

ConstituentApproximate value
Protein (%)58.90 ± 2
Fat (%)7 ± 2
Total Carbohydrate(%)23.87 ± 2
Crude Fiber (%)11.49 ± 2
Ash (%)4.86 ± 2
Moisture (%)< 5
Aflatoxin  (ppb)< 4

Microbiological Analysis

ParametersApproximate value
Total Bacterial Count, cfu/gm<10
Coliform Count, cfu/gm< 10

Functional Properties

PropertyValue (approx.)
AromaSlight roasted peanut flavor
Color83 ± 3 L. (Hunter colorimeter – L scale)
Bulk density25-27 (g/mL)
Fineness40 to 50 mesh


  • Fair protein solubility
  • Good water/oil binding capacity
  • Excellent foaming capacity and emulsifying capacity
  • Provide smoothness and viscosity
  • Functions as stabilizer and consistency improver
  • Exhibits heat resistance
  • Low/no sodium content


ParametersApproximate value
IngredientsPeanuts Powder
Storage & handlingStore in cool, dry conditions
Shelf life9-12 Months if stored in original pack
Packaging20 Kg, Vacuum packed in poly-lined bags
Ingredient definitionDefatted Peanut Powder, Defatted Peanut Flour, Peanut Powder.
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