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Peanut Flour – Protein 42%


Protein rich peanut flour (~28% fat) is ideal ingredient for multigrain flour and food items where fat is used in the preparation. This is good source of supplementary plant protein to enhance nutritional value and physical make up of your final product. The fat contains appreciable amount of unsaturated fatty acids which is good for health. This flour provides medium range calorie to the food. The food product where fat is required to some extent, where oil soluble additives are mandatory to be added, this flour is recommended. It is balanced proportion of protein and fat so useful in preparation of protein rich energy containing food products.


  • Provides protein along with fat.
  • Oil based additives can be accommodated in final products.
  • Oil and water absorption is typical.


  • Bakery items where moderate oil content is desirable.
  • Traditional items where high peanut flavor is not desirable.
  • Namkin and savory items.
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