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Generally peanut protein is derived by removing oil by using solvents. Our innovative process of peanut flour is based on stepwise removal of oil by high pressure cold physical method. This prevents shearing and other properties of protein which needs to be preserved in preparations various food items. The texture, color and flavor are very much compatible to be used as ingredient in varieties of food items. Our product is adorned with specialty process reflected in unique texture, nutrition and taste. Our R&D is keen to and skilled to understand precise requirement of customer and to suggest and share our experience and data to make their product more market compatible and consumer appreciated.

The quality of product destines the quality of business and consumer. The doctrine of ethics and well-being is translated in our deeds and dealings with great fidelity. We are sharing the output of our R&D on peanut flour to facilitate incorporation of virtues of peanut in existing and futuristic food items. The attitude of keeping pace with expanding horizons of food industry,  makes us alert and committed to novel ideas and innovative approaches with more refined quality of processing parameters and product specifications. We ensure purity of product resulted from perfection in process marked with quality control at every step. Selection of peanut grown in the field following GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) makes it free from biotic infestation which is first step of our success. Processing in hygienic condition with subtler precautions to avoid any contamination leads us to the best quality product.

Our motto is to supply consistent quality product to quality conscious customers around the globe for which we always keep on doing Research & Development in every steps like  raw material procurement, process parameters, final product, packaging, dispatch etc. Our factory has acquired ISO 22000:2005, APEDA (Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority) Registrations and approved by FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India). The reliability in quality standards, supply, commercial dealing and product specifications are key to success in the world of professionals. We are committed to trustworthiness, not by policy but by virtue. The great food value of peanut flour must be synchronized with professional qualities too.

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